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This post is a replay from a few years ago. Since this was first shared, I’ve gone through cancer surgery, chemo, radiation, and the first few steps of remission. Those experiences make this post even more poignant—and more true than ever.

Hi, Readers!

This Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me several gifts, and this was the first of them.

I know.

“That’s awful…” you’re mumbling.

“That’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift ever!” you want to say.

“That’s the most unromantic gift that’s ever been given!” you’ll tell anyone who will listen.


None of that is true. At least, for me.

I’m a full-time author, which means I spend most of all day, every day working at my computer. This gift allows my eyes to rest after hours of staring at a screen. It offers the editor on my shoulder the chance to relax and gives me the opportunity to decompress and de-stress.

It gives the right side of my brain a break from constant writer mode. It lets new ideas fill the creative well.

And this gift brings me joy in being able to solve a puzzle, fit everything neatly into place, and tie up loose ends in one sitting—and let me tell you, Readers, those things don’t all happen in a typical writing day!

Most of all, this gift shows just how well my husband knows me…

And that makes it the most romantic gift of all.

Love isn’t about running to the store to buy that last-minute bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates or coming home with status symbols such as gold and diamond jewelry.

Don’t get me wrong; I would be thrilled to receive all of the above gifts, especially the chocolate and diamonds. 🙂

But love isn’t about the symbols and flashy presents. It’s about living with your special someone long enough and loving that person fully enough to know what he or she needs. About caring enough to give what will truly make that person happy—whether that’s a full-length sable coat or a full set of mechanic’s tools or a state-of-the-art toaster oven.

Your thoughts on this?

And what’s the “worst”—or truly worst!—Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

Update: Kicking cancer to the curb has also made me tend to look at the positives in everything. So feel free instead to share the BEST gift you’ve ever received! 🙂


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