The Texan’s Little Secret
August 2014


The Texan's Little Secret - sm


A double dose of attitude made Carly stand straight in front of Luke.  He stared back without saying a word.  Let him look all he wanted.  One touch, though, and she’d deck him.

The silence stretched on, till her nerves began to feel stretched thin, too. Never let ’em see you sweat, an old rodeo clown had once told her.  She’d go that one better. Never let Luke see you care.

She waved her hand in front of him.  “Hel-loo.  I’m still here.  No sense trying to act like I’ve disappeared in a puff of smoke.”

“Not yet, anyhow.  I was just thinking.  It’s been a long time.”

“And you’ve come a long way.”  If he picked up on the added meaning behind her words, he didn’t show it.  Anger at his reminder of their past couldn’t quite overcome the hurt.  Still, she managed to keep her voice smooth.  Mellow.  “I hear you’re ranch manager now.  Daddy’s right-hand man.  You finally made the connection and landed the job you’d always wanted.”

He got that message, all right.  His jaw hardened, and his chest rose with a deep breath, as if he’d had to summon his patience the way she’d called on her wild-child role.

What did he expect—that she would have forgotten the way he’d tried to use her to get a job on her dad’s ranch?

“Maybe I had other reasons for showing up that day, besides the job.”

“What reasons?  Trying to win me over?”  She laughed without humor.  “Why bother, when you already had me where you wanted me?”

“You think that’s what it was all about?  I wanted to get to your daddy through you?”

“I said that to you then, and you didn’t argue.  But it looks like you found a way without me, after all.”

He stared at her for a long moment before shaking his head.  “Funny.  By now, I would have thought you’d grown up some.”

The pity in his tone rubbed her nerves raw.  “I expected you’d have grown beyond working for my daddy.”

“A man’s gotta have a job,” he said mildly.  “And I guess none of us knows what the future has in store.”

“I’m not concerned about the future, only in what’s happening today. And in making sure not to repeat the past.”

“Yeah.  Well, what’s happening in my world today includes managing this ranch.  I’d better get back to it.”

“That’s what Daddy pays you for,” she said, forcing a lightness that vied with the heaviness in her heart.

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The Texan’s Little Secret — 2 Comments

  1. I have been trying to download the Texans little secret in Australia but there is no website that will let me can somebody help me please

  2. Hi, Kim – thanks so much for your interest in the book! I know some of my other titles are available in Australia via the Amazon, Harlequin, and Mills & Boon websites.

    I’m following up to see what I can find out about The Texan’s Little Secret.

    I’m also contacting you directly in case you don’t see the comment here.

    Thanks again for your interest!