Look for the good… Happy Friday, for sure! #happiness #positivity

Lately, I’ve been looking for the good in every day.

A no-brainer, right?

You’d think focusing on the good would be something that comes automatically.

But considering how often we’re bombarded by sad, bad, and upsetting news from all directions, including every time we turn on the television, phone, or computer, it’s not always easy to find the good, let alone to focus on it.

So, I’m searching. And believe it or not, when you keep your eyes open, the good becomes easier and easier to discover. Especially when you’re not too hard to please. 🙂

Sometimes the smallest, silliest things can make you the happiest.

This morning I learned that an old floppy drive – which I’d previously thought wasn’t compatible with my new-ish laptop – still does work. Sure, there are much better backup systems available now, but with this drive I can access files of some manuscripts I thought might have been lost forever.

A good thing for sure, right? 🙂

Now do us both a favor: please go look for an example of the good in your day!