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If you pick up any of my books, you’ll notice my romances are home and family stories, usually with babies and younger kids running around. Children can add a special something to a book: love, laughter, a child’s-eye view of the world, and—sometimes—angst and conflict and confusion for the hero and heroine! 🙂

As as example, here’s a look at the back cover of my sweet romance, The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise:


The last time rodeo cowboy Tyler Buckham was in Cowboy Creek, he spent a steamy night with local beauty Shay O’Neill. Back in town for a quick visit, he’s hoping they’ll have another go-around before he heads for his next rodeo. But seeing Shay pregnant—with triplets!—leaves Tyler feeling as if his best horse has kicked him in the gut.

Shay swore she wouldn’t fall for an unreliable cowboy, and Tyler’s playboy past makes him even less likely to settle down. The whole town conspires to push them together, and Tyler insists he wants to do his duty by Shay and the triplets, but Shay knows she can’t count on promises from a cowboy. Besides, Tyler never once mentioned the word love…

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The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise is one of many books included in a Babies Book Fair hosted by Viviana MacKade. If you love babies in your books, you’ll definitely want to check out this page!

Babies Book Fair

Stay safe and healthy, and happy reading!




Pregnant – with triplets! Babies Book Fair hosted by @ViviMackade #MFRWauthor #Bookfair #romance — 2 Comments

  1. I think the covers are really cute of the kids that are on the covers of the books. Babies or animals are a hit right now so people seem to go for those covers. Stay safe Barbara

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Peggy.

    People really do seem to like babies and animals. There’s just something so cute and innocent about them! And it’s always fun when they impact a story.