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Hope you enjoy today’s Snippet Sunday from The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise.  Cowboy Tyler has just returned to visit the Hitching Post Hotel, where he’s not happy to run into a very pregnant former one-night-stand…

The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise

Tyler passed the basket of rolls to Shay. As she took it from him, he glanced at her left hand. No chunky flashing diamonds, no gold band. And no surprise there. The boys he’d worked with had also filled him in about pregnant women. Namely, that toward the end of a pregnancy, they often gained too much weight to wear their wedding rings.


Abruptly, he became aware of Jed waving from the head of the table, attempting to get his attention. The man’s tone made it apparent he’d said his name more than once. Flushing and hoping no one had noticed, he nodded at Jed in acknowledgment.

~ ~ ~

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