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The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise

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“If you haven’t got any plans for the afternoon,” the hotel owner said to Tyler, “the girls could use some help.”

The girls meant Jed’s adult granddaughters. “Sure. I’ve got nothing on my agenda.” Besides avoiding Shay. “Need a hand with some heavy lifting?”

Jed nodded. “We’re setting up for a wedding reception, and with Cole away, we’re shorthanded around here. If you wouldn’t mind going along to the banquet hall after lunch, maybe you can lend some assistance.”

“No problem.”

Jed beamed. “Thank you kindly. I appreciate it, and I know the girls and Shay all do, too.”

“Shay?” he blurted, nearly dropping his fork.

To his relief, no one seemed to notice. Jed turned to talk to one of the hotel guests at an adjacent table. Tyler gripped his fork and tried not to look at the woman beside him.

He didn’t feel comfortable being here with her. Judging by her white-knuckled grip on her water glass, she felt the same.

Things had definitely changed between them since the night they had spent together.

~ ~ ~

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