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My word for 2019 is Inspiration. I intend to look for it everywhere, every day. And I plan to share what I find with you every so often, whether that’s through a picture, a post, or simply an uplifting quote.

This morning, such a silly thing got me thinking about inspiration and happiness.

My binder clip stash had run low, so I went to my supply drawer to get more. I found the ones you’re looking at in the photo. The minute I saw them I felt happy.


I love color. There’s one shade of purple in particular that, when I look at it, literally fills me with a sense of happiness.

Whether it’s in art or clothing or office supplies or. . . I could go on and on and on. . . pretty colors inspire me, lift my mood, and make me ready to get up and go.

What motivates and inspires you and makes you happy?

  • Color? Sunrise or sunset? The cuddliness and comfort of your favorite sweater?
  • Music? A special song? A religious verse?
  • Runner’s high?

What makes you feel accomplished?

  • Writing the perfect sentence? Acing a test or completing the Sunday crossword puzzle?
  • Coming up with the perfect proposal—for a book submission, a board meeting, or a marriage?
  • Making the yummiest pasta sauce? The most intricate model automobile or ship? The awesome-est Halloween costume in your first-grader’s class?

Chances are you have many things that motivate and inspire you, too.

Think about it. Make a list. Then pick one item to look at, listen to, or begin.

Make YOUR day.

EVERY day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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