Shooting for perfection? #WednesdayWisdom #motivation #amwriting #MFRWauthor

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed.

This happens most often when there are too many fires burning in too many areas of my life. My focus then becomes the inferno, and at that point, I’m consumed.

I’d come across a quote that helped me realize what to do before those feelings take hold.

This is a reprise from one of my most well-read Wednesday Wisdom posts, and I hope the quote will help you, too.

”Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”

– Walter Elliot

This says to me we don’t need to look at everything all at once, to get everything done immediately, to complete every project to perfection.

All we need is to choose one small part of a bigger goal and focus on reaching its finish line—a destination that isn’t very far ahead at all. Once we achieve this success, we take the next step and focus on that finish line. We do this again and again, until we’ve arrived at our final destination.

Sounds like a sensible plan!

My small step today will be to sit down at the computer and start off NOT by reading e-mail (gasp!) but by opening the file of the current manuscript and getting to work on the next scene.

One small step for Barbara….

What’s one small step for you?


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