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The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise

Teaser Tuesday time! And the hero and heroine are about to have a talk that’s been pending for nearly nine months. 😉

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Tyler nodded at Shay and removed his Stetson.

Layne looked toward the door. “Well, hi there. It’s been a while.”

“Yeah, it has.”

Layne said something else; Tyler replied. Shay saw their mouths moving, but panic seemed to have closed her ears.

“Well.” Layne turned and sent Shay a sympathetic glance as she reached for the sack with her ice cream. “I’d better get home before this melts,” she said brightly. In a lower voice, she said, “Good luck with your private chat.”

“You don’t have to go,” she protested just as Tyler opened the door again. For a moment, she held onto the hope he planned to leave. But he was only being polite for Layne.

Too bad he hadn’t been a gentleman for her.

She flushed, knowing she was at least half to blame for winding up…together with him. At least half to blame, if not much more, for believing in something that wasn’t meant to be.

He closed the door behind Layne and turned Shay’s way.

The room seemed to spin—not a symptom of pregnancy she had experienced before.

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