Compromise or not? #SnippetSunday #99c #sweetromance #MustRead

Today’s snippet is from Snowbound with Mr. Wrong, the first book in the Snowflake Valley series (and on sale at many e-tailers for only 99 cents – through tomorrow night).

Nick turned to Tommy. “Compromise means you have to give and take.”

“I got it!” The little boy flung himself forward again, grinning and thumping his fist against the tabletop. “I give you chicken. And I take dessert.”

Lyssa and Mollie laughed aloud. Brent tried to smother a chuckle.

Nick shook his head as if in irritation, but even he couldn’t hide the half-smile that touched his lips and this time also brightened his eyes.

At the sight, Lyssa swallowed her grin and looked away. She didn’t want to see him happy and smiling. She didn’t want to see him at all.

When they’d dated, she had gotten used to Nick’s excitement about a new project he’d accepted, a takeover bid he’d engineered, a company merger that required delicate negotiations only he could handle. The trouble was, his exhilaration over all those things shut her out.

But, without fail, his smile would draw her in again.

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