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The temperature’s growing cooler in Cowboy Creek, but in my sweet romance, The Rancher’s Family, Cara’s developing warm feelings toward Wes:

In the kitchen, he set Tracey in her high chair, adding a couple toys to the tray for her to play with. Then, as he also did every night, he left the kitchen door half open while they went out onto the back porch to say their goodbyes.

It was cooler than usual outside tonight, and she shivered.

“You’ll be needing to bring a coat with you one of these days,” he said.

She wanted to believe one would lead to many. The thought made her shiver again, this time in pleasure. He reached out as if to wrap his arm around her to warm her, then dropped his hand. She felt his touch all the same.

No, she imagined she did. And she couldn’t stand here making up fantasies. Couldn’t spend her nights making wishes that would never be granted.

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