Eavesdropping doesn’t get you anywhere #snippetsunday #MFRWauthor #HitchingPostHotel

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a true snippet for you today, just a few sentences from my latest release:

Ally held her breath, waiting for Reagan’s response. His family’s ranch was the only tie he had left to Cowboy Creek. If he sold that…

But he didn’t respond to Jed’s question. Instead, he turned his head and spotted her standing like a common eavesdropper in the small-parts aisle.

“Ally.” He removed his Stetson and nodded, giving her a brief smile. It was nothing like the broad grin she had loved since grade school and seen less and less often during their high school days. His face looked drawn, lined with fatigue.

Her heart thumped. Was he ill?

The Rancher’s Baby Proposal released just this month.  You can find out more about it at these locations.

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Eavesdropping doesn’t get you anywhere #snippetsunday #MFRWauthor #HitchingPostHotel — 2 Comments