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We’ve talked before on this blog about taking baby steps to get ourselves organized and moving one “stone” at a time to reach our goals. And, trust me, we’ll talk about these things again.

But what happens when no quote in the world can motivate you and no affirmation can make you get yourself in gear?

Sometimes you’re mentally exhausted. Physically hurting. Creatively blocked. Coasting on fumes—or worse, running on empty.

Sometimes you’re ready to call it quits right in the middle of whatever project you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s balancing your checkbook, writing a screenplay, or having “The Talk” with your teen.

Sometimes you’re so overwhelmed, you don’t want to do anything. Your inner child puts his or her foot down and says, ”NO!”

Then that stone takes on monumental proportions.

How do you combat this? I’ll tell you.

In the words of a famous slogan I’m taking the liberty of paraphrasing:

“Just make up your mind to do it.”

– Barbara White Daille

I know.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

There are times we’re pushed beyond what we think we can handle, and those are the times we have to push ourselves. We’re back to that one stone we need to move. Or that single piece of paper to file or ounce of weight to lose or individual photograph to add to the scrapbook.

Once we accomplish that one thing, it’s easier to do the next item and the next and the next.

There’s an e-mail I need to write. I’ve been dreading it and putting it off and—to be perfectly honest here—just hoping it will go away. And you know what? In the time I’ve spent agonizing over it, I could have written that e-mail fourteen times!

That’s my stone for the day.

What’s yours?



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