Be kind to yourself #positivity #inspiration #motivation

It’s UpbeatAuthors Monday, and this week we’re sharing our favorite ways to be kind to ourselves.

From as far back as my memory goes – and we’re talking pre-kindergarten! – I remember seeing my mom sitting at the kitchen table with these things she called books. This always aroused my curiosity because what could have interested her more than watching cartoons on TV while having cookies and milk?

One day she began sharing books with me. Some with cutouts in the covers and fun things like push buttons and twirling disks inside. Then books with thick, stiff pages and bright pictures.

Later, my mom shared little books with gold spines and words on the pages. If you’re a lifelong reader, too, chances are you can relate to how exciting it was finally to be able to read those books on my own!

Since that time, my number one way to treat myself has always been to curl up with a book.

Books open doors to new worlds.

They provide entertainment and stress relief.

And they offer ways to make new friends and discoveries about ourselves.

At our house, free time is usually at a premium lately, and I do love to spend some of it vegging out on the couch with my DH. 😉  But I also love curling up on the couch with a book.

What’s your favorite way to be kind to yourself?






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