Stranded and snowbound #snippetsunday #MFRWauthor #sweetromance

Our Snippet Sunday is from my latest release, Snowbound with Mr. Wrong. Read the full Chapter One and find buy links here:

In this clip, an afternoon together turns into much more than either Nick or Lyssa expect…

“We can definitely use a chainsaw,” he told her. “We may find one at the lodge. We’ll need to get that car back up on the road.”

“How? I already tried.”

“Brent and I can give it a push. Let’s hope that works, or else we’ll have a walk ahead of us. And I’ll need those crutches. We might at least be able to get a couple of good branches from that tree.”

“If not, Brent and I can help you back to the lodge.”

If not, you’ll leave me behind.

He wouldn’t say that to her now, but she’d soon realize the truth of it herself. If he couldn’t make fast enough progress, she would have to go ahead on her own with the kids. She had to get them out of this blizzard.