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Here’s the next installment from the opening scene of The Sheriff’s Son:

“The kid’s fast,” Tanner muttered.

Fast and long gone, while she stood there, trapped.

Kevin had done plenty to concern her lately, from smart-mouthing her and his teachers to acting the clown in class. He would face the consequences eventually. She would have to face her consequences right now.

Tanner started down the center aisle toward her. She had no plan, but instinct knew what she needed. Distance and a sturdy barrier. Immediately.

Sidestepping, she put the long, waist-high counter between them. With shaking fingers, she straightened the pile of bookmarks near the cash register. Wishing for a more time-consuming chore, she glanced around the store, through the windows, everywhere but at Tanner.

Where were the Bookies when she needed them? The store’s book club members should have been here long before now.

Finally…reluctantly…she looked back to find Tanner standing across from her.

The Sheriff's Son - short contemporary romance
The Sheriff’s Son


The Sheriff’s Son was just reissued February 1 in larger print and a brand-new e-book edition.  The book is now available exclusively at Harlequin‘s website.

The original version can still be found at your favorite e-tailers, including Amazon.

If you’d like to start with the first of the clips from the book, click here to read installment one, then just follow along through the blog posts.


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