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For your Teaser Tuesday, here’s another quick peek at The Lawman’s Christmas Proposal. Enjoy!

The Lawman's Christmas Proposal

The Lawman’s Christmas Proposal

“You’ll have to hang around till Pete and Cole get in from the northern pastures. And Paz will have my hide if I don’t get you to stop in to see her. While you’re here, you can say hello to the girls.”

“The girls?” He gripped the rail even harder.

“Yeah. Tina started off handling the contractors for the upgrades to the Hitching Post, but Jane’s been helping out since she moved in a few months ago. And now we’ve got a wedding booked, Andi’s here to pitch in, too.”

Jed’s three granddaughters.

Tina had grown up on the ranch and become the bookkeeper for the hotel. Jane was a well-respected photojournalist, originally based in New York. And Andi…

Andi was the reason he’d left Cowboy Creek.

~ ~ ~

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