Teaser Tuesday – The Sheriff’s Son e-book release! #teasertuesday

For years, readers have asked for my first book for their e-readers, but The Sheriff’s Son has never been available as an e-book – until now!

I’m thrilled to share that the e-book edition of The Sheriff’s Son officially releases tomorrow.

Here’s a #TeaserTuesday clip from the opening of the book.

Thanks to her seven-year-old son, Sarah has just been reunited with the town’s new deputy sheriff.  Tanner is also her high school sweetheart…and doesn’t know Kevin is their son.


“Where was he supposed to be when he was egging my county vehicle?” Tanner demanded.

“Staying at a friend’s until the school bus comes.”

“With no one to watch over him?”

“His friend’s mother keeps an eye on both boys.”  She couldn’t let him think she didn’t take care of her child.  “You heard Billy.  If his brother had to drive them to school, something must have happened to the bus.”

She would find out what—later.  Her affairs were none of Tanner’s business.  Not anymore.  “I’ll give you the price of a car wash and make sure Kevin knows what he did was wrong.  Let it rest with that.”

“Can’t.  Pranks can lead to worse things.  We sure don’t want Dillon overrun by hooligans.”

“I agree with you there.  But egging a car is childish mischief, Tanner.”  Ticket be darned.  She’d take on a mountain of debt before she’d let her son be railroaded by a deputy carrying a grudge along with his gun.  “Are you calling my son a hooligan?”

The very idea of this man doing Kevin an injustice set fire to her maternal instincts, and she raised her hands in frustration.

Instantly, Tanner reached out to curl his sturdy fingers around her wrists, and another basic instinct competed with the first, turning her insides all warm and mushy.

Somehow, she kept her wits about her enough to notice his barely concealed anger.  To observe his admirable restraint as he placed her palms down flat on the countertop.  To realize she might have edged her toes over the line between getting a ticket and getting carted off to jail.


I hope you enjoyed this peek into the story!  To see a longer excerpt and to order the book, check out the following links:


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