#TeaserTuesday – Last peek at #HonorableRancher #IntheRanchersCare

This #TeaserTuesday will be your last peek at Honorable Rancher, now available as part of the 2-in-1 anthology In the Rancher’s Care.

Desperately in love with Dana since kindergarten, Ben has gone to great lengths—and great expense—to be near her: he’s bought the building she works in…and he’s about to do even more!


“—my business isn’t your worry.”

“Fair enough.” No, it wasn’t fair at all. Her words stung, and Ben fought to shrug off his frustration. “But this office is my concern. So is the entire building. And if I see improvements needing to be done, I’ll make ‘em.”

“Fine. On your dime, of course. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m not obligated to pay you anything over and above what we decided on for the rent. And as you might recall, that was no gentleman’s agreement we made.”

“Couldn’t have been, since I’m no gentleman.” He gave a rueful smile. “Neither were you, last time I looked.”

He could have started a campfire with the tension that sparked between them. Give them some more time alone…

“We have a lease,” she said, her voice shaky. “Signed and sealed on the dotted line.”

“I’m not arguing that.”

“Good.” She rose, marched across the office, and flipped the hanging sign on the front door. From the outside, it would now read “Closed.”

She must have read his mind.


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