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The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise

Today’s Teaser Tuesday from The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise follows your Snippet Sunday, which you can find by hitting the back arrow above.

And here’s the Teaser…

Thoughts of anticipated pleasure flew from his head. Words did, too, leaving him struggling for something to say.

Jed Garland had no such problem. “Shay, you remember Tyler, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“I thought you might.”

Tyler couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. He also couldn’t miss hearing the satisfaction in the older man’s voice. What had brought that on? And why had Jed mentioned Shay’s invitation to lunch but said nothing about her condition? Of course, Jed—and everyone else at the Hitching Post—probably thought he and Shay were just passing acquaintances.

He tried for a casual smile. The one she gave him looked about as sincere as his felt.

~ ~ ~

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