From A Rancher’s Pride

Sam picked up one of Becky’s crayons and held his hand out to Kayla.

“How do you sign blue?” he asked, looking directly at her.

Kayla glanced down.  “That’s not a blue crayon.”

“I was talking about your eyes.  They’re very blue…and your cheeks are suddenly bright pink.”  Sam smiled and leaned closer.  “I can learn all my colors,” he murmured, “just by looking at you.”

Her heart thumped.  She wanted to lean back but couldn’t.  She should get up and walk away.  Somehow, she couldn’t do that, either.  “There are more signs than just colors, you know.”  Her voice cracked on the last word.

He smiled.  He knew just what he was doing to her.  And darn him, he was enjoying it.

“True.”  Sam smiled again.  “How do you say I?”

She pointed her index finger at herself.

“And how do you say want?”

She hesitated then held both palms up and crooked her fingers as she pulled her hands toward her body.

He leaned even closer.  “And how do you say a kiss?” he whispered against her ear.


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A Rancher’s Pride
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